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Show Class Result Additional Wins Judge

Silvia Marocchi  (FCI Italy)

Dillon is working towards his BH & IPO1

Crufts 2012 Limit VHC   Mrs N Evans
Amsterdam Winners Junior Ex 1 Youth Winner C. Jouanchicot (Fr)
Correct Bite excellent construction and substance excellent topline and neck masculine head with excellent proportions very good under jaw excellent front and chest excellent rear and tail set excellent marking and character correct movement.
CACIB Luxembourg Junior VG 4   M Marchetti
CACIB Zwolle Inter Ex 1 CAC  CACIB Best Male NCRIQ Dorothea Carroll
CACIB Maastricht Inter Ex 1 RCAC  RCACIB Rob Douma
16 month male of a fine
Hazeldonk Trophy show Belgium Junior Ex 1 Best Black Junior, Best Male Junior, Best Junior on Show Mrs. N. Timmermans (NL)
DVIN Club Show Junior Ex 1 Best Junior
Dutch Junior Champion
Mr H Lefleur
Bournemouth Championship Show Grad 1st   Mr K Baldwin
Bournemouth Championship Show Novice 1st   Mr K Baldwin
Bournemouth Championship Show Yearling 1st   Mr K Baldwin
Bournemouth Championship Show Junior 2nd   Mr K Baldwin
Paignton Championship Show Yearling 2nd   Mr J Horswell
Paignton Championship Show Junior 1st   Mr J Horswell
Super for type but being a bit of a handful. Lovely head, masculine & of strength, such a good shoulder, long & well angulated upper arm, firm topline, well sprung ribs, very good rear, true out & back
Luxembourg Trophy Show Junior Ex 2   Mr Dejan Malbasa
Echt Netherlands Junior Ex 1 RCAC Mr P Stanton
Elegant young dog in very good balance good head profile needs stronger underjaw good eyes & ears exe neck strong topline breastbone a little short good body good harmony in angulations exe coat colour & condition exe hind movement needs to be stronger in front.
Arnham Netherlands Junior Ex 1 CAC
Best of Breed
Krol Piotr
Elegant male beautiful head
Douai France Junior Ex 1   Stefanescu Christian (RO)
Oss Netherlands Junior VG 2   Dhr Gomez
Welsh Dobermann Novice 1st   C MacCleod
National Working & Pastoral Puppy 2nd Qualified Crufts 2012 K Barlow
Another very promising and impressive young man close decision between first and second. I was particularly taken with this young dog’s effortless movement. At a slight disadvantage with regards to ringcraft at the moment but his virtues are there for all to see will follow with interest.

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